Our Patient Experience

Destination relief

Picking up your grandchild. Swinging your favorite golf club. Gardening with your spouse. Have life’s simple pleasures become life’s unwelcome burdens? If you or someone you know is suffering from chronic neck or back pain, this scenario may sadly be the new norm.

Thankfully, this situation doesn’t have to last. In fact, there’s another option instead of traditional open back surgery to provide relief for those who suffer. And it starts with Laser Spine Institute’s culture of care.

Since 2005, Laser Spine Institute’s patient-centered approach to care has helped more than 75,000 patients reclaim their lives from chronic neck and back pain.

Patients often tell us that our approach is a refreshing, dramatic shift from the typical health care experience they’ve encountered in the past, where a doctor’s diagnosis, not their overall well-being, becomes the focus.

  • By making exceptional patient care the path that defines each patient’s unique journey, we reduce the number of Laser Spine Institute complaints. This includes the rare Laser Spine Institute lawsuit or other unsubstantiated claims of Laser Spine Institute malpractice.
  • Our experience helping patients has taught us to make sure every conservative treatment option is exhausted before we start talking about surgery.
  • In fact, only 6 percent of those who seek treatment with us ultimately have surgery with us. Still, we make it a priority to educate you on all other options that could help you find relief, even when that option is provided by someone else.

But, if alternative treatments fail, the conversation could turn to our minimally invasive surgical options involving small incisions and muscle-sparing surgical techniques that get you back to your activities much quicker than a traditional open back surgery.^

And while the conversation about your goals is an important step to helping you understand the entire journey to wellness, it’s actually just the beginning of something truly unique that we call our culture of care.


Your first step

While you may see surgery as a final destination, we see it as one of many positive steps you’ll take on a journey where pain subsides and the meaningful moments in your life return.

  • Each step you’ll take with us is a discussion about getting your life back by relieving your pain and helping you achieve your goals.
  • These discussions are customized, designed to help ease any fears you may be experiencing about your upcoming surgery, especially those associated with traditional open back procedures.
  • Rest assured, you’ll be well cared for with more than 28 medically trained health care personnel working together to assist you before, during and after your surgery.

Laser Spine Institute’s streamlined patient experience ensures you’ll receive a caring, personal interaction each step of your journey. And that’s where we differ from traditional health care settings. We prevent Laser Spine Institute complaints by explaining all the options as plainly as possible. Among the touch points you will encounter:

  • Patient Experience Coordinator — We outline your surgery day and recovery process in detail.
  • Patient evaluation — Our caring team of medical personnel including anesthesiologists, surgeons, nurses and physician assistants will review your history to determine if you’re a candidate for our proven, advanced procedures.
  • MRI/imaging — We’ll review images of your spine to help you determine the best course of action.
  • Surgeon introduction — Our specially trained orthopedic surgeon or neurosurgeon explains the technique that will work best for you in a way that’s easy to understand.


The wait is over

Every day, we see tears of pain become tears of joy as our patients realize they no longer hurt. This amazing transformation often happens the very same week they enter our state-of-the-art outpatient surgery center. And every time, it’s humbling to see.

  • The day of surgery begins with a warm welcome by our caring staff.
  • Next comes your surgical preparation, followed by a short walk to the operating room with your Care Partner. Here, you’ll be greeted by the surgeon who will perform your procedure.
  • A few hours after your minimally invasive surgery, the pain that consumed your life for years is often a distant memory.

In fact, Laser Spine Institute reviews give us a patient satisfaction score of 96.^ And they’re not shy about sharing their view of this triumphant moment. It’s just one of the reasons why we’re recognized by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC) as a provider of the highest level of patient care.


Getting your life back

While your journey began the moment you considered Laser Spine Institute for your minimally invasive spine surgery, your recovery begins the moment you awake from anesthesia. Depending on how far you live from the surgery center, you’ll be discharged to your home or a nearby hotel, under the watchful eye of your designated Care Partner. Often, you’ll be asked to rest for up to 48 hours after your procedure with us.

  • If you’ve undergone a minimally invasive stabilization procedure, a home health nurse will be provided to monitor your recovery at your residence or hotel 24 hours after surgery and the recovery process may take a bit longer.
  • Your surgeon, or a member of our caring medical team, will check with you directly on your progress.
  • To ensure your recovery stays on schedule, we will schedule your follow-up appointments. This is done to make sure you’re healing properly and that you’re achieving those life goals you told us about.

But your journey with us doesn’t end here — over the next few days and weeks following your surgery, our team will check in with you to make sure you’re resting, healing and on the road to recovery.


A culture of care

Putting the “care” back into health care. To us, it’s an essential part of the Laser Spine Institute experience. Without it, our medical technology is just that — technology. And it’s just as important to our goal of ending your neck or back pain and helping you get your life back. Our patient-centered approach to the business of caring is something you won’t find in most health care organizations.

Your comfort during your time with us is just as important as the procedure you’re here to undergo. That’s why we’ve taken extra care to make all Laser Spine Institute patient-facing areas as pleasing as possible. Relaxing creature comforts are what you’ll find in our lounges.

We want to make your time away as comfortable as we can. Our centers have peaceful relaxation rooms with easy chairs and complimentary internet access, along with large-screen TVs, books, magazines and a variety of board games to ease your mind.

We believe these small touches, combined with our exceptional level of care, produce an atmosphere of joy for our patients and their Care Partners. That’s part of our mission for you when it comes to your care and your overall experience.