Cost and insurance

When considering where to have spine surgery, cost and insurance coverage are important factors to consider. Laser Spine Institute has worked with many insurance companies over the years and continues to find ways to make outpatient spine surgery more affordable for you and your loved ones. While every person’s insurance coverage is different, your maximum financial responsibility will be determined by your individual health insurance coverage and can be discussed in detail at any time with one of our Spine Care Consultants.

In addition, Laser Spine Institute physicians are currently in contract with Medicare for professional services, but the facility itself is not in contract with Medicare. That means a facility fee is incurred by the Medicare patient as an up-front, out-of-pocket cost.

When you speak to your Spine Care Consultant, you can also ask about financing options to cover all or part of the cost of surgery. Many of our patients find this option to be convenient because payments can be made over time.