Our Statement

“We strongly assert that the claims in the lawsuit filed by Dr. Bonati are unproven allegations that haven’t been reviewed by a court of law and are only being asserted by a competitor, nothing more. It is unfortunate that Dr. Bonati has chosen to violate a clear court order of confidentiality in an effort to generate a media-based discussion about matters best addressed in a deliberate legal process. We have asked his lawyers to explain why they chose to unnecessarily leak confidential documents, but they have refused. We remain confident that the out-of-context statements selected for publication will be shown to be a misguided effort by a competitor apparently willing to engage in a desperate course of action. At LSI, we remain dedicated to providing the highest quality of care possible for our patients. Our employees who interact with patients on a daily basis are extensively trained on procedures and protocols to ensure that we comply with state and federal requirements. As an additional step to ensure quality, our compliance team monitors all patient communications and takes corrective action as appropriate. Our patient satisfaction results show that the overwhelming majority of our patients agree with our approach.”

—Chris Knopik, Chief Trial Counsel at Laser Spine Institute

“Get the FACTS” is a resource for addressing the most common questions related to Laser Spine Institute’s premier standards for patient-centered care and the strict selection process for minimally invasive spine surgery.

About Laser Spine Institute

As the leader in minimally invasive spine and back surgery, our top priority is to help patients achieve a better quality of life. Laser Spine Institute’s approach to patient-centered care provides relief for patients without the complications or high cost of traditional open neck or back surgery. This is done by tailoring the patient experience for each individual from the initial consultation to the final postoperative appointment. As a result of our commitment to quality, the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC) has recognized Laser Spine Institute surgery centers as providers of the highest level of patient care.

Part of Laser Spine Institute’s commitment to providing the finest outpatient care is a rigorous selection process designed to ensure that only appropriate candidates receive surgery. We work carefully to identify patients with the greatest chance for a positive outcome once our surgical procedures have been performed. This process is so thorough that, for every 100 people who inquire about a possible surgical procedure at Laser Spine Institute, only about 4 percent are selected for surgery. In addition, we recognize that the impact of surgery goes beyond the patient and includes their family, so we work diligently to ensure everyone has a positive and stress-free experience.

For more information about Laser Spine Institute and its ability to provide exceptional patient experiences, please reference the FACTS below.

The facts about Laser Spine Institute

Premier standards of care


Laser Spine Institute's locations in Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania and Oklahoma are recognized as providers of the highest level of patient care by the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc. (AAAHC).


Laser Spine Institute surgeons are uniquely trained through a Laser Spine Institute fellowship, which builds on required university testing and residency programs.

Spine Care Consultants

Prior to deciding whether to undergo surgery, patients are assigned a Spine Care Consultant who walks them through the entire surgery process from initial consultation through recovery.

Patient needs

Laser Spine Institute follows a streamlined, patient-centric approach to health care to ensure each patient's specific needs are considered.

Careful post-procedure patient monitoring

Laser Spine Institute has a strict post-procedure policy that mandates a patient may only be discharged into the hands of a designated Care Partner. Once released, a patient and his or her designated Care Partner can get recovery information or speak to a nurse via a toll-free hotline 24 hours a day. In addition, Laser Spine Institute conducts follow-up conversations with all patients at 1-, 2-, 6- and 12-week intervals after surgery.

97% patient recommendation

97% of patients report they would recommend Laser Spine Institute to a friend or family member.

Return to work

Laser Spine Institute's surgical approach is minimally invasive and 90% of patients report returning to work within 3 months of surgery.

Strict Surgery Selection Process

Patient consultations

Laser Spine Institute has a rigorous medical screening process to determine if patients are candidates for surgery. As a result, we perform surgery on only about 4 percent of patients who contact us.

Treatment options

During consultations, Laser Spine Institute informs patients of a range of options, both from Laser Spine Institute and other care providers.


Individual spine conditions, treatment and recovery times may vary. Each patient's experience with minimally invasive spine surgery will differ. All surgical procedures involve some level of risk. If directed to pursue surgery by your physician, prompt action is advised, as waiting may reduce the efficacy of surgical treatment. Some patients may require an experience that exceeds five days and others may require as few as four days. Patients may be required to rest 48 hours postsurgery. Postoperative instructions vary from patient to patient. Follow your doctor’s advice. These procedures are reserved for those patients medically cleared and scheduled for minimally invasive treatment. Paid endorsements for Laser Spine Institute may not be for typical results. Laser Spine Institute requires each surgeon to complete an extensive Laser Spine Institute training program. MRI reviews are preliminary, and some patients' individual medical conditions may require additional testing that Laser Spine Institute will facilitate through a third-party service provider. Diagnostic procedures in Philadelphia and Oklahoma City are facilitated by Laser Spine Institute through a third-party provider. Medicaid currently not accepted.